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Here is a new main page of GerGut showing our new service. We want to introduce our new feature offering guitar lessons with the great guitarist Fernando Gutierrez, also member of the band GerGut. We hope you enjoy his teaching and extensive experience as a teacher and performer.


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Fernando Gutierrez an enthusiastic of musical education, was born in Cartagena Colombia in 1961. He is the son of the well-known pianist Rosa Grau and cousin of Guillermo Espinosa Grau a recognized music director and founder of the Symphony Orchestra of Colombia.

He has a Bachelor Degree on Artistic Education with an experience of 30 years as an educator, as well as a guitar performer of different musical styles. He studied classical and popular guitar with recognized teachers and concertist of classical and contemporary guitar likeLeo Brouwer of Cuba, Eduardo Fernandez of Uruguay, Gentil Montaña of Colombia, expanding his knowledge in different styles of music such as European, Latin American Folklore, Jazz, Flamenco, Rock, Blues and others.

He has been in several countries of Latin America such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and United States, participating in several conferences of music. He was invited to participate in musical training events in Europe making great contributions to the arts and music education for new generations.

Fernando was a professor of musical theory and guitar for several schools in Colombia and The United States.
He is currently living in Fort Lauderdale area and teaching theory of the music and guitar in Miami Dade and Broward County for youth and adults. His teaching methods are very effective and he has used all his experience to serve the old and new generations giving a great contribution to the artistic education.


* If you are interested in guitar lessons please check below: 


You can contact Fernando Gutierrez at 786-436-1309 or email him at:  famusic3@yahoo.com


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