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REGARDS FROM GerGut - August 4 / 2011                                    


Dear Friends,


This is the brand new website for GerGut a musician of Florida . All the information you need to know will be noted in detail in this area. Be sure to check back frequently for updates and new information on GerGut !


GerGut is a Colombian songwriter making good music such as Blues, Rock & R&B. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The group is conformed by GerGut who plays all guitars,bass,piano,keyboards & vocals as well as, Fercho Gutierrez  with all guitars solos and vocals.


The band started creating music back in 1985 but just came out with all stuff in the beginning of 2011. They also do all production and recording of all their songs.


They are very pleased and excited with this new website to present all material to their fans.  


Thank you and enjoy it!


Fort Lauderdale,Fl, August 04/2011


 "Let the light shine your way and the stars guide your steps"




"ROCKET MAN" Of Elton John By GerGut - Dec 2015  


Dear Friends,

Once upon a time in the past a guy who used to love music of Elton John, his name was GerGut. He sat down on his mother's piano and learned to play this  beautiful song "Rocket Man".  Please enjoy it!


This song is a free download over GerGut's website
Just Click the link Download and is all yours! Enjoy it!

If you want to know more about GerGut, please visit us at where you will find more stuff there.

Thank you,

GerGut Band




Dear Folks,

Something is going wrong in the world these days. I have produced this song to protest for the terrorism's attacks in Paris and around the world. We don't deserve this treatment, we deserve respect for our lives. Music should defeat our enemies and we'll continuing singing until to see the world in peace, but we have to work united to get this matter solved soon.

God Bless People of Peace! 

Please visit us at

Thank you very much!

GerGut Band.





Hello Folks, 

A masterpiece from the 80th, this song of Roger Waters of Pink Floyd. Originally called "Another Brick in The Wall", and we have named "Another Brick in The Floor". We enjoy recording this kind of covers because we are fans of Pink, and they have influenced our music as well. You can download it for free as a gift from us to our followers, friends and fans of all times. 


Please visit us at where you will find more stuff there. 

Thank you very much for your support delivered during all these years, and see you on the road soon. 


GerGut Band


 "ALONE AGAIN" By GerGut - August 28 / 2015


Hello Folks,
Here is our new release of August 2015 called "Alone Again". We have been working hard in order to keep you guys entertained with our stile of music.We are writing and creating more tunes that will be released every month without fail. Hope you enjoy this new song and as always, please visit us at where you will find more stuff there regarding our band.

See you on the road soon and keep rocking!!
Thank you,
GerGut Band



"MISSING YOU" By GerGut - June 27 / 2015 


Dear Friends,

Here is our new release of June/2015 called "Missing You". We are still working hard in writing and producing more songs to entertaining our fans out there, which are our inspiration and motivation to keep doing music. Hope you enjoy it. Please do not forget to visit us at  where yo will find find more stuff there about our band.

GerGut Band




"SENTIRSE AMADO" By GerGut - May 26 / 2015 


Hi Folks, 

Here is our new release of May 2015 called "Sentirse Amado". This song is actually a work created back in 1986 when I was in Colombia. We have made a substantial music arrangements to make it more accurate with the sound we want for our music. We hope you enjoy this new tune, and don't forget to visit us at where you will find more stuff there regarding our band. 


Thank you very much for all support given during all these years. 


GerGut Band


"LIGHT IN THE OCEAN" By GerGut - January 24 / 2015 


Hello Friends,

Here is our first release of the year 2015 called "Light In The Ocean". We are back to entertain our fans delivering the best of our music. Our work is still on the way and we will never stop writing songs for all of you.

Hope you enjoy it! and remember to visit us at where you will find more stuff there.

GerGut Band


"DON'T LET ME DOWN" By GerGut - April 30 / 2014   


Dear Folks,
Here is the new song of GerGut called " Don't Let Me Down". Hope you enjoy it.  Please do not forget to visit us at where you can find more stuff about GerGut Band.

April 30/2014



"FIFA BRASIL 2014 SONG" By GerGut - April 26 / 2014 


Here is the new song of GerGut called " FIFA Brasil 2014". Football World Cup in Brasil is around the corner in June, and we wanted to recording this track to invite the people to enjoy this great event. Please do not forget to visit us at where you can watch the video of FIFA Brasil 2014 produced by GerGut Records.

April 26/2014



" MY LONELINESS " By GerGut - March 28 / 2014


Hi Folks, 

Here is our new release of March/2014 called "My Loneliness". Hope you enjoy it.

Please visit us at  where you will find more stuff there. 


GerGut Band 

March 28/2014



" I CAN'T STAND IT ANYMORE " By GerGut - Feb28 / 2014 


Dear Folks,

Here is our new release of February/2014 called "I Can't Stand it Anymore". Hope you like it. As always, we're working hard creating more music in order for us to to keep you entertained. We feel and believe our fans are the best important asset we have. We would not have done it without your support and fidelity. Thanks to all of you.

Please visit us at where you will find more stuff there.

February 28/2014



About the song "On My Own". February 7/2014  


Hi Friends,

The song "On My Own" of GerGut is still # 1 for Blues Genre in the state of Florida, at # 1 Music.

Thanks all fans who has supported GerGut Band during this time on the air. 

Please click link below to see the charts.


Some comments from our fans below  about "On My On" : 



 I believe, Y'all earned success! You've put out some amazing records!
It's about time you get the recognition!


On My Own - I've listened to this no less than 5 times today. and here we go again! AWESOME


ON MY OWN is the one of my best tunes by You!
Keep em coming!


hi...a few days ago I did catch your song on my own while browsing charts on n1m.
Been obsessed with this track since its first play.
Just keep pushin' it guys! OK, later.


  Just good music guys.. good music...especially your song On My Own


  You guys are completely amazing! Love this track On My Own.
Find a good manager and become superstars soon.




"ON MY OWN" By GerGut, January 30/2014 


Hi Folks,

Here is our new release of January 2014 called "On My Own", a song of my own inspiration. We changed a little bit our sound this time because we wanted to come out with something different, such as Country,Blues and Rock put them together. I love this song a lot and I hope you love it too.

Please visit us over our web site where you will find more stuff there.
January 30/2014


 "CITY OF ANGELS" By GerGut, December 28/2013  


Hi Folks,

Hope you have had an enjoyable time during the holidays.Here is our new release of December 2013 called "City Of Angels". We will be working hard producing and recording more songs for the year 2014 in order to keep you rocking all the time. We wish you a Happy New Year of 2014 filled of health,prosperity and love. Thanks for all support delivered since the beginning of this dream tracking our path.
Please visit us at where you will find more stuff there.

GerGut Band
December 28/2013



" LET'S SAVE THE WORLD " By GerGut, November 29/2013 


Dear Folks,
Here is our new release of November/2013 called "Let's Save The World". We only think about living well,our eyes are blind to the future hell. Our world’s at risk, but we don’t care to what we do, we’re unaware. We have to take care our world and make changes to live in a better place.

Please enjoy it and visit us at where you will find more stuff there.

GerGut Band



" THIS IS IT " By GerGut, October29/2013 


Hello Friends,
Here is our new release of October/2013 called "This is it", a song of the famous musician of the 70's Kenny Loggins. We have made music arrangements for this tune keeping our style and sound. We always liked this song because of its harmony, and because Michael McDonald of the Doobie Brothers was part of this project doing a very nice backgrounds.

Hope you like it !

Like always, please visit our website at where you will find more stuff about our band and work.
GerGut Band




 " DARK EYED CAJUN WOMAN " By GerGut, Sept/2013 


"Dark Eyed Cajun Woman" , the new release of GerGut. This song is originally from "The Doobie Brothers" but we've put our feeling and touch to make it a little bit different. The first time I heard this tune was back in 1973. This song will be launched today 09/30/2013 over our website at as well as many other.

Please enjoy it and do not forget to live the life listening to the music!

GerGut Band!




" PLACE I WANT " By GerGut, August/2013 


Dear Folks,

Here is our new release of August/2013 called "Place I Want". We hope you enjoy it. As always, thank you so much for all support given listening to our songs during this time. Please visit us at where you will find more information about us. If you would like to get for free one of our songs, just make the request over our web site in the section "contac us".





"ANOTHER DAY" By GerGut, July/2013 


Hi Friends,

Here is our new release of July/13 called "Another Day". As always, we would like to thanks our fans, family and friends for all support delivered during this time.

Hope you enjoy this new song. Please visit us at where you will find more stuff there.









"you guys are a blessing man..... remember all of you inspire us all... keep playing the sounds of hope!


"Hi loving yall's tunes, and planning on getting your cd of ya when i get money for it!


"Hey mad streets It is fantastic!!! I've been listening all morning"


"The right path is SPECTACULAR, True talent so rare, Thanks for being real!!
U best out today !! respect for the things ya do

"The Right Path! I played on my Fender electric all day!! Major"


"The Right Path <--- let me know if i can buy it from amazon
THX and wish you all the best for holidays"


"hi i remember the time when my friend shared a link on fb for your music
and it was krazy cool surprise while listening to it,"
Mad respect.



GUYS GUYS GUYS LOVE LOVE LOVE your The Right Path. Matter fact, Probably your best song. amazing!!

 Make new stuff and tour please "   


"Hi! You're great artists guys.I love your music! ESPECIALLY The Right Path"


I will never forget that day I cam across your music. I went listened to each tune and could not believe it. Every track was so awesome. After each I hit replay. I probably played it 5 times in a row that first time. I barely got any sleep that day because I was so happy and proud of you!! I called my best friends Miranda and Angela to come and listen. They were excited too. I didn't want to stop listening and I was even playing it tonight. Besides The Right Path, it is my favorite. Hearing for the first time was like completely a spiritual moment in my life.

God bless ya!! 


Wow good to hear from you!! I still play "Once And Forever"! This one is superrr!! Its going to be a timeless classic!


"Hi Love it if i ever go to a concert it would be yours keep up the awesome work!! Geri "


" Mad Streets is playin' within my favourites for the last week (I discovered you then!).Thank you for these tunez and your music. A fan ever since I heard them for the first time. Jonathan "


":The Right Path is Awesome song. You rock! Now my fav band. Can't wait till you release smth fresh "


"I lov' that Woman Like You song is my fav.i listend all your songs!u r #1 "


 "Listening to the right path right now "


 "hi guys Colombian Skies one of my favourite........ well done to you guys for creating such a  masterpiece! "


"Guys you are the best ever! The Right Path got me hooked and I now eager to know where to find the rest of your music! "


"Hi!!! Now I'm definitely looking forward to the new songs, MAD STREETS IS A MARVEL"


"Hey your song The Right Path fantastic Thank you you are awesome !!!! will wait in my whole life to be in your concert !!!!!


"Hey The Right Path is such a spectacular tune, expecting your other tunes in the way like this..."


"Amazed. I like The Right Path and I am feeling this track. Now it grows on me".



"Guys ur # 1, thank u for the very best music I've heard n my many months! The Right Path I keep playin on repeat this one "


"Ho Hey! I believe you get a lot of encouragement from your fans and I hope my message will not be lost within many others.
I just wanna show you my support ,i really appreciate what u do.
I think you got what it takes to reach a stardom ".


" Hi guys, We Are In Heaven is amazing, perfect
i listened to it lots of times today "


"Hey I became totally addicted to your tune The Right Path since I got the first promo alert from to visit your page, I want to download this one to my collection which I'm playing while driving in my car through traffic jams. Please send me a direct link to buy this tune from itunes or cdbaby. Let me know, I just can't wait to buy it.
Denis Khorev


"Hi! If I were walking along the streets of New York at night, contemplating and wondering, Mad Streets would be the tune in the background.
My love for this one will never fade away ".



"Hiiii I want to say thank your for all your tracks especially The Right Path.
They've really helped me the last couple of weeks buckle down and finish off most of my projects.
keep it up!


"Guess what I did today?! I did share your numberone page via facebook because i want many people know about your amazing music!!!


"Guys!!! It sounds like you combine several different genres into one that sort of stands out on its own.
Love your music!!


" I must say that Mad Streets caught my attention, incredible stuff.
keep on! "


"Hey....Your tracks are just great and I believe your music
inspires a lot of people to follow you. I wonder how come I didn't
know about you earlier.
Please never give up makin such a great music for us!!! a BIG thank you!!! btw my fav is Mad Streets"


well i'm kinda new fan of your band and i like your songs very much...Could listen to them all day long. i did share them with my friends, hope you don't mind.


"The Right Path is one of my favourite songs. You guys are simply the best)))
Oh yeah, for every drop of blood in me, U rock!!!!



Thx for letters!
...for whole day i'm listening ur music.
I gave link to ur songs to my friends from many countries...and they really like


" Wasssuppp!

I think The Right Path is the best! I believe you've chosen the right path with your music and god bless your way!!!!



All the tracks are pritty good!
but i like the most The Right Path !


i wasn't able to post a review for your song at n1m, the system won't let me do this. I really like the song THE RIGHT PATH. I feel that would be the best one for a radio play, it just has that feel to it.
Good Luck!



 hi i love ur music and the #1, Sylvester. I love tht trak


Hello, fellas. You do great music.




Hey, You guys are awesome.. Your music is an amazing and
I really want to go to your gig! I absolutely like your song Sylvester!


I love your music guys =D you are great !!!!


i really like "Sylvester", I like to be ur fan beau


Loving your tune Sylvester


 "MY GOOD MEMORIES" By GerGut, June 30/2013 GerGut


Hello Friends,

Here is our new release of June/2013 called "My Good Memories", a song about telling memories of our past. You can even dance all night! Hope you enjoy it!

Please visit us over our web site at where you will find more stuff there.





"GET CLOSE TO YOU" By GerGut, May 31/2013 GerGut


Hi Friends,

Here is our new release of May/2013 called "Get Close To You.
Thanks everyone for all support given listening to our music during this time. Hope you enjoy this new song.

Please visit us over our website at where you will find more stuff about our band.

Thank you all!





 "WE ARE IN HEAVEN" THE VERY BEST OF GerGut II, April 9/2013 GerGut


We are launching our second CD with 19 songs called "We Are In Heaven" "The Best Of GerGut II", including our very best hits such as, Beyond This Line, Narrow Land, Woman Like You, We Are In Heaven, The Righ Path, Mad Streets and many more.... This CD will be available soon over our Amazon Page and other internet stores where our music sounds. We want to say thanks to those who always supported our work listening to our songs during this time. We will keep doing our job creating more music for all of you because you deserve it!
Please click the link below where you will find the multimedia to listen to these songs

Thank you all!
GerGut & Fercho


April 9/2013


"YOU ARE THE ONE" By GerGut , March 31/2013 GerGut


Hi Folks,

Here is our new release of March/2013 called "You Are The One", an inspiration of Fercho Gutierrez my brother and partner here at the band. Fercho wrote this song a couple of years ago, but we just came out with the original version of the final tune to be launched in March. I also helped him out to write the lyrics, as well as all music arrangements. Fercho played all guitar solos and background vocals. Again,
thankyou very much for all support to our music.
We hope you enjoy it, and do not forget to visit us over our website at where you will find more stuff there about the band.

Love always,
GerGut & Fercho
March 31/2013


Music & Words By Fercho Gutiérrez & GerGut
All Rights Reserved - Copyright © 2013 by GerGut Records





"ONCE AND FOREVER"By GerGut , February 18/2013  GerGut


Hello Friends,

Today we are releasing our new tune of February/2013 called "Once And Forever". GerGut is permanently creating new songs for all its fans and friends, because it is part of the commitment made by this band.They will release soon its new CD "The Best OF GerGut II" , with all hits recorded since the latest launched in March/2012.

Please do not forget to visit us at

Enjoy it!


Words & Music By GerGut
© All Rights Reserved - February 18/2013




"LO QUE YO MAS QUIERO" By GerGut, January 23/2013   GerGut


Hello Folks,

As we said before, we are starting this new year with motivation and commitment regarding music for all our fans and friends. Here is our release of January of 2013 called "Lo Que Yo Más Quiero". We have sang and produced this tune in Spanish, which we enjoyed a lot .I wrote this song back in 1997 and changes has been made from the original composition. We used to sing it with our cousin Jairo and Fercho in our weekend practice. We want to thanks Jairo for his support and consulting all the time making our music.

Please do not forget to visit us over our web site at where you will find more stuff there.

Thanks and enjoy it!
With love,
January 23/2013




"THINKING OF YOU" By GerGut, December 21/2012   GerGut


Dear Friends,

Here is our latest release of 2012 called "Thinking Of You".
We wish the best of times for all of you on these holidays and hope to have you next year with more music coming from the bottom of our hearts. Remember, we will always be here to entertain your lifes!

Please enjoy and don't forget to visit us at:




"SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN" By GerGut, December 14/2012 GerGut


Hi Friends,

We have prepared this great Christmas Song called "Santa Claus is Coming To Town", to send our Christmas Greetings to all our friends and fans out there. We want to wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2013 filled of health and success. Again, thanks for all support delivered during this time listening our songs and following our music path.

Please remember to visit our web site to find out more about our work:





"SYLVESTER" By GerGut, November 30/2012 GerGut


Hello Folks,

Here is our new release of November 2012 called "Sylvester". This song came about of this great man named Harcourt Sylvester, Jr, a friend of mine, who always helped the people to fight against the cancer diseases. He was the founder of the University of Miami Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, and died in 2007, he was 80. I want to say that this song is a tribute to this good man and friend forever. If you want to know more about him, please click the link below:

We hope you enjoy it and thanks again for your support.



Please visit us at




"WOMAN LIKE YOU" By GerGut, October 14 / 2012 GerGut


Hi Folks,

Today we are launching our release of October/2012 called "Woman Like You", an inspiration of mine. We've been recording and producing more songs for our fans out there because they deserve it. We want to thanks to all who support our work and stay tune with us no matter what happen. We also want to invite you to visit our new GerGut's World Shop at where you will find good stuff with our Band Logo.

Please enjoy this new tune and keep rocking!








Hi Folks,

I met Terry Christian back in 1994 in Bogotá,Colombia when a good friend of mine from London Steve Dare, introduced to me Terry in a gig where they were playing. Terry was the leader of a Rock Band named " Red Cartoon " which performed that night. I suggested him that I could play the piano with the band and he said, of course yes! A few days later Terry and I went to a instruments music store called Ortizo to buy a keyboard, and there began my dream with Red Cartoon. We performed for almost two years in many social events, that we enjoyed it very much. We went to Ireland and England on summer of 1995 where we did several appearances with the band on different places. The group disbanded on 1997, most of them went back to England and I left Colombia in 1999 to start a new life here in Florida,USA.

I found Terry in 2010 over his website at, and I contacted him starting again our relationship as a musicians and friends.

Last month I asked him that I wanted to recording and singing one of his songs with the touch and feeling of our band GerGut, and he allowed us to work on this great tune called "It all Comes Around" a country song of 2009, which is here done for all of you as "A Tribute For Terry Christian". Thanks Terry for give us the opportunity to produce this song of you!

If you want to know more about Terry Christian please go to his website where you will find all history and material of this great Irish songwriter.

We hope you enjoy this great tune and thanks to everyone for the support given during this time on the air. Please visit our website at

GerGut !    Youtube Video




 "DIFFERENT DEVIL"By GerGut - August 27 / 2012 GerGut


Hi Folks,

Here is our Release of August called "Different Devil". We have enjoyed a lot recording this song and we have delivered the best of us to make it a great hit. If you would like to have an MP3 file as a gift of this song or whichever you like, please go to our website at , click on "Contact Us" and sign up over the mailing list requesting for any file.

We will send it over to you shortly.
Please enjoy it and thanks for your support!

August 27/2012




"NARROW LAND"By GerGut - July 28 / 2012   GerGut

Hi Folks,

Today we are launching our release of July 2012 called "Narrow Land".
We have been working, producing and composing more material for our fans who are the reason of continuing doing our music.

We hope you enjoy it and Thanks for all support !

Please visit our web site here below where you will find more stuff there.






We have posted the song "The Right Path" over our web page at and here below you will find some comments from fans there. We really appreciate all support from them listening to our song. 


"Hi, Im really enjoying listening to your music. :)
I will spread the word around to all my friends. Whre I can find more?"

"Hey, i really love your sound, it's fresh and comforting
and i loved it the minute i heard. have a good one"


"Hey! I like your music a lot and I believe it's unique! wish you much success!"


"Hey, your music is really good, i'm listening to a lot of genres as long as it's good,
i'm going to write a review for your music
,I hope you don't mind.
Erica "


"Hey you guys are awesome and talented! i wish you could come to my country someday :)


"I believe you guys have something special and i like especially
your song The Right Path it's really amazing to find it here amongst many
rubbish bands and their crappy songs...cya"


"I can't stop listening to "". help! please add more"


"Luv ur music ur nu fan"


"Hi thanks guys for be awesome people and adding a great music theme to my everyday life!! truley amazing!!


"Hi!! I don't like to write long emails but I just want you to know
that I'm listening to your music almost evry day!
keep it up! " Fan: Ernie Tong


" The right path, I loved that song the first time I heard it "  Fan: James Davison


"Hi guys.. you have to be proud to make such incredible songs...such as The Right Path.."   Fan : Vetters


"Guys!!! I absolutely love your song The Right Path, You are amazing!!!!! You rock my socks off. I have since tried to put socks on, but I can't. They still just fly right off. :)))) "  Fan: Dale



"SAIL WITH ME" By GerGut - May 26 / 2012  GerGut


Hi Folks,

Today we are launching our second release of May called "Sail With Me" an inspiration of mine. We have always had during our lives the dream of sailing the sea sometime with the person we love, so this song talks about this dream, therefore when you get a chance to sail away with her or him, just go ahead and do it.

Please enjoy this new tune and like always visit us at for more stuff there.

Thank you,



"THE RIGHT PATH " BY GerGut - May 1 / 2012  GerGut


Hi Friends,

Today May 1 2012 we are launching our release of May called "The Right Path". This song talks about the path we should take when we facing our lives. You must Love what you do and be authentic if you want to enjoy the rest of journey.
I am pretty sure that if we follow the right avenue of life, we will arrive to the other side filled of happiness and peace.

Please take "The Right Path".

Please visite us at





GERGUT MUSIC DOWNLOADS - April 27 / 2012  GerGut


Hi Friends,

Today we have launched our new page of music downloads where you can get our latest and old releases for only $0.50 each. In order to be able to purchase our MP3 files, you have to create a PayPal account. If you do not have one you can click on to create it. The price of these MP3 files will be the cheapest you may find over all our digital stores. 


We hope you enjoy our new feature and like always thanks for your support and kindness.  

Your friends always,

GerGut Band



"CRAZY ABOUT YOU" By GerGut - April 10 / 2012  GerGut

Hello Folks,

Here is our new production called "Crazy About You". I wrote this song back in 1997 when I was in Colombia. We used to jamming every weekend with Fercho and my cousin Jairo Botero, and this song came out during one of these meetings playing together. This tune brings me a good memories of those good times, which were enjoyed a lot. Jairo always played the piano making good performances.

I want to thanks my cousin Jairo because he was one of the persons who helped us to start this nice trip of music.

Thank you!
GerGut, April 10/2012




"THE BEST OF GERGUT"  By GerGut  - March 17 / 2012  GerGut


Hi Folks,

Today we have launched our first album of "The Best Of GerGut" with 16 songs including new material plus some old songs released last year of 2011. We have chosen for this new record tunes such as Beyond This Line, Politicians, Mad Streets, Big Foot, Colombian Skies, We Love Music, Visitor's Song and many others, which our fans have enjoyed since we started this process of music. We want to say thanks to all fans and friends that supported us during all this time and who believed in our work, as well as our family and of course God who always has been with us.

This new material will be live soon on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and many other digital stores. A phisical CD will be available at Amazon and over our store at

We wish you enjoy this new work and we will always appreciate your kindness.

Please click the link below to listen to our songs of this new CD over the Multimedia.




I grew up and am still growing up listening to the sounds of Mike Hossack and the rest of the Doobie Brothers. Thanks for being there in the good times and helping me through the rough times. You will always live on in our memories and in the classic sounds of the Doobies. Their music and Mike's contributions are a big part of my life going back to my high school days and even now and forever. Pat, John, Tom and all The Doobies have lost a big brother. Thanks Mike for sharing your talent with us.

Rest in Peace with the Lord.

Please read the whole note by clicking the link below.



"WE LOVE MUSIC" By GerGut - February 24 / 2012  GerGut


Dear Friends,

This new song came about as a tribute to Music. We've always thought that music is the inspiration of our lives and we're continuing creating more tunes in order to keep our style of life. Music is the feeling we like the most. "Please do not forget that music will keep you alive"

We Hope You Enjoy This New Melody.

!We Love Music All Time!



 COLOMBIAN SKIES By GerGut - February 3 / 2012  GerGut


Dear Folks,
I wrote this song when I was in Colombia last December of 2011 for holidays. We went for Christmas to a place near to Bogota named Anapoima and we spent with the family in a "Casa de Campo"or "Finca". I had never been there before and let me tell you what a beautiful sunsets we had during our stay. I took several pictures from our balcony and this song came about as a tribute of those nights. What a weather as well!

If you sometime have a chance to go to Colombia, please visit Anapoima. You will always remember that place.

With love to my Country Colombia.



UN BESO Y UNA FLOR (NINO BRAVO) By GerGut - January 21 / 2012 GerGut


When I was 13 my mother brought home a 12 Inches Vinyl Record of an Spanish's Songwriter called Nino Bravo, with his single hit "Un Beso y Una Flor". Since then that song has been our favorite to sing in gigs and meetings with friends and fans.


On April 16, 1973, Bravo was driving his BMW 2800 along with the Humo duo and Miguel Diurni when his car was involved in an accident about 100 km southeast of Madrid. He died on the way to the hospital as consequence of his injuries. He had just signed a five year record deal with the European record label Polydor. At the time of his death, Nino Bravo was just 28 years old.

We did musical arrangements of this tune with my brother Fercho as a R&B version. We love this song a lot and this is a tribute to Nino Bravo for this great tune. Please enjoy it!

We will always remember Nino with love.

Please see the note and web site of Nino Bravo here below for more information about the artist:



 BIG FOOT New Single  - January 18 / 2012  GerGut


Hi Folks,

We just released this new song called "Big Foot". Originally this tune is from the Band "Chickenfoot" leadered by Joe Satriani, Sammy Hagar , which we enjoy their music a lot. We kept the structure of the armony but musical arrangements were made along the song with our style of GerGut. 

We hope you like it!

Thank you!




second journey

01/21/2012 4:33 AM 

"Outstanding, keep up the awesome work and music"


tommie brewster

09/21/2011 2:24 PM 

 "Hi!! thank you for joining my fans......appreciate it! I like your sound and the mix of blues with different rhythms and like your lyrics too. Just listening to Without Fears - but Beyond this Line is stand out for me...peace"

tiny Blake

08/10/2011 12:31 PM
"Cool smooth sound!"



GerGut # 9 ON BLUES CHARTS AT FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - Status - January 12/2012  GerGut

We're number 9 on the ReverbNation Blues charts for Fort Lauderdale, FL.

We feel very proud and excited about the work we have done during this time.




VISITOR'S SONG - Single - December 10 / 2011     GerGut


Hi Folks,
My Brother Fercho wrote this beautiful song called "Visitor's Song", for accoustic guitars and genre of Country Music.He played all Accoustic Guitars, bass and I played Drums and Keyboards. We both Produced and Recorded this single. This one is our second song we perform as instrumental.

We want to wish to all our fans and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2012, and hoping to seeing you soon to deliver more musical stuff.

Please Enjoy The Holidays In Peace !

Thanks For Your Support !



GerGut # 10 ON BLUES CHARTS AT FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - Status - November 24/2011  GerGut


We're number 10 on the ReverbNation Blues charts for Fort Lauderdale, FL.

We feel very proud and excited about the work we have done during this time.




Hi Friends,

We would like to share with you some comments from our fans all over the world at Jango Radio regarding our Music.

Please check them out here below and enjoy it!  


Buen Ritmo, buena voz, me agrada.




I'm hearing Phil Collin :)





             Medellin ColombiaCo
Thursday March 08 2012 09:56 AM
Great Sound! Distinctive voice. I make it to Florida once a year, keep me posted on gig dates.





             Curitiba BrazilBr
Saturday March 10 2012 04:27 AM





             Valenzuela Philip…Ph
Friday November 25 2011 11:08 PM
I like it! keep the good work..





Hilversum Netherl…Nl
Saturday September 10 2011 12:03 AM
surprisingly good; look forward to the gigs





Wednesday August 10 2011 02:16 PM
what a voice! great.





             Punto Fijo Venezu…Ve
Sunday July 24 2011 07:26 AM





             Leiria PortugalPt
Saturday July 23 2011 05:51 PM
keep going really nice work  




Loves Life     

             Shore Of Maryland…Us
Sunday July 17 2011 11:56 PM
Love it,,great best of luck





Sunday July 17 2011 06:00 AM
great music, try working the words so it will fit the melody... good luck!





             Alton, IlUs
Thursday July 14 2011 01:17 AM
Good job keep on keepin on. 





             Sttgt GermanyDe
Wednesday July 13 2011 05:03 PM
very nice greets from germany





             United StatesUs
Tuesday July 12 2011 10:55 PM
cool sound kinda like frank zappa





Wednesday July 06 2011 03:16 PM
Very nice. Super! I see big things. Congrats. @RickLondon on Twitter





             Los Cabos MexicoMx
Wednesday July 06 2011 12:06 AM
great Latin America





             Swindon United Ki…Gb
Sunday July 03 2011 04:54 PM
Hey guys nice music and great voice too, more over great solo and song, keep rockin guys. best wishes , Ken






Sunday July 03 2011 09:52 AM
osmyslenno i muzhestvenno, komposicionno - velikolepno!!! :-)





Friday July 01 2011 09:36 AM
sound a bit like Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, and that is not a bad thing






Wednesday June 15 2011 12:41 AM
Like it ! very nice to listen good musicians!





Sunday July 03 2011 02:27 PM
Very nice! Thanks! @RickLondon & @LeeHillerLondon


             Kuala Lumpur Mala…My
Tuesday June 14 2011 01:08 AM
keep it up!





MAD STREETS - Single - November 20 / 2011      GerGut

How you doing Folks,

Today we are launching a new single called "Mad Streets". We want to thanks to all our fans who has supported and followed GerGut during the year of 2011. We are working hard in order to have done a new album tittled "The Best Of GerGut", which will be released this coming December with new stuff included for all of you.

We hope you enjoy this new Blues song "Mad Streets"

Best Regards & Thank you!
GerGut, Fort Lauderdale, November/2011



GerGut # 10 ON  BLUES CHARTS AT FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - Status - October 22/2011

We're number 10 on the ReverbNation Blues charts for Fort Lauderdale, FL.

We feel very proud and excited about the work we have done during this time.



BROKEN IN PIECES - Single - October 20 / 2011             GerGut                  

Dear Friends,
We just released a new single called "Broken In Pieces". We want to say thanks to our fans for all support given during this time on the air. We appreciate it a lot!

Enjoy it!
GerGut, Fort Lauderdale, October 20 / 2011


GerGut # 11 ON  BLUES CHARTS AT FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - Status - October 13/2011


We're number 11 on the ReverbNation Blues charts for Fort Lauderdale, FL.
We feel very proud and excited about the work we have done during this time.




GerGut Store - Oct 1/2011              GerGut                  


Our Store will have merchandise for sale such as CDs,TShirts and many other stuff. We currently have CDs of GerGut with free shipping and handle for distribution within US, using  our UPSS standard service. Please use your PayPal acccount for your purchases and if you do not have one, just open it by clicking here at:

What are CD-R media?

CD-Rs (the "R" stands for "recordable") look like the discs you're used to and offer the same audio and image quality. This recordable media is used to manufacture titles on demand, as fully authorized by the content provider.


*Check Bottom Of This Page To See Pictures Of The CDs




LITTLE PRAYER (Patrick Simmons) - Single - Sep 28/2011                         GerGut          


Hi Folks,

My Brother Fercho Recorded and Played This Beatiful Song Of Patrick Simmons called "Little Prayer". He Prepared All Musical Arrangements,Chorus and I sang the words, As Well As Chorus. This Tune Is Part Of The Latest Release Of The Doobie Brothers Named "World Gone Crazy". You Can Download It For Free. Just Click on The Link Below and Go For It! 

We Hope You Enjoy It!

GerGut & Fercho, Fort Lauderdale, Sep 28/2011




POLITICIANS - Single - Sep 17/2011                 GerGut                                      


Dear Fans,

We are launching today our new single called "Politicians" .This Songs Has Been Written To Those Politicians That Never Do Their Work As They Should Do It, Which Is Helping The Communities With Needs. They Look Like A "Thieves In The Night" and That's It!  We do not want to get in troubles with them, but only would like  to send a message to those politics that don't do their job as the people need it!

Please enjoy it!

Fort Lauderdale, Fl, Sept 17/2011



MORE MUSICAL STUFF... - Album - Sep 12 / 2011                GerGut                            


Hi Friends,
We have launched an album named "More Musical Stuff" that contains old material we recorded back in 2009, when we started this project.
We have included some of our songs, as well as covers of The Doobie Brothers and Sting which we like.

We hope you enjoy it!

Fort Lauderdale,Fl, Sep 12/2011



GOOD TIMES - Single - August 26 / 2011                GerGut                           


Hi Folks,

Here is my new song called "Good Times" that we just released on 08/26/2011.We enjoyed a lot producing and recording this tune during this month.
Like always, I want to thanks my brother Fercho for his creativity and performance making this song.
I hope you like and enjoy this new work, which will be on ITunes,Amazon and other stores for you guys soon.

Thanks for your support and comments.

To my fans with all love,

Fort Lauderdale,Fl, August 26 /2011



GerGut # 10 ON  BLUES CHARTS AT FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - Status - August 22/2011                       

We are # 10 on the ReverbNation Blus Charts for Fort Lauderdale, Fl. We feel very proud and excited about the work we have done during this time.   
Please check it out at :






WORLD INSANE - Single - July 3/2011                     GerGut                 


Hi Folks,

I just released a new single called "World Insane". My brothers Fercho & Vicky helped me out with this song playing solos and background vocals.With this tune I just wanted to tell everyone that we should change this world insane."All around the world must be changed"!

Thank you and enjoy it!

Fort Lauderdale, July 3/2011



THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT AT JANGO RADIO -  June 27/2011                         GerGut        


Hi Everyone,
I just want to say thanks to all my fans for their support and comments about my music over the Jango Radio.
Please click or copy the link below to hear my music there:

You can also find me at:

Thank you!


June,27,2011 Fort Lauderdale,Florida



FEEL THE HEAT - Single - June 3/2011                      GerGut        


Hi Folks,

Today May 22/2011 we have released this new song called "Feel The Heat".It will be in Itunes & Amazon MP3 soon.

We feel very pleased and excited for this new single. We would like to thanks to all fans for their support.

Enjoy it!

Fort Lauderdale,Florida,June 03/2011



I FINALLY MADE IT - Album - May 05/2011                     GerGut               


Musicians On This Album "Ï Finally Made It":

GerGut: Vocals, Guitars,Solos,Bass,Drums,Piano & Keyboards.

Fercho Gutierrez: Guitars,Main Solos,Bass,Chorus & Musical Direction.

Music Arrangements by GerGut & Fercho

Produced & Recorded by GerGut & Fercho.

All Songs Written By GerGut Except, Vienna By Billy Joel,Time Won't Let Me By Dan Fonseca & Fragile By Sting

There will be Blues, Rock & R&B For All of You.


Thanks Luisa For your Love, Patient & Support To Make This Album,Fercho who helped me out a lot, Mom who gave me the life,

Dan Fonseca a good musician with good ideas and all who believed in me. Special Thanks to Terry Christian there in Tokyo,

Japan,I learned from him the things I am doing now.


Thanks God for gave me the Music and the Intelligence to make it!
GerGut !

Copy Rights GerGut Records

Fort Lauderdale,Florida,USA, May 05/2011.

Please Click The Link Below to listen to my songs of the album "I Finally Made It"




      "Let the light shine your way and the stars guide your steps" 


good luck ad have fun!!! We love you guys!!

Fercho Gutierrez just designed this new GerGut Logo

that will be used to promote our music and merchandise

Fort Lauderdale, November / 2011

GerGut & Fercho / 2011

GerGut & Fercho Nov/2011

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